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  2. ReignersXV's Monthly Voting Competition Hello everyone, From now on, ReignersXV will be having a monthly voting competition. This is to show you guys how much we appreciate your support when you vote! The way to vote is by visiting this link. Enter your in-game name and vote on all sites. The rules to this competition are quite simple: -No VPN voting (easily noticeable as you can only vote once in 12 hours). -Votes must be made from the panel linked above to be recorded. There will be 3 winners to this competition, and the prizes will be really good, just to make sure you guys understand how much we appreciate you. Prizes First Place - 75$ in scrolls. Second Place - 50$ in scrolls. Third Place - 25$ in scrolls. Note that voting often will not only get you these prizes, but it also spawns the vote boss THANOS! When this boss is killed, everyone online receives a $ scroll. The winners of the voting competition will be announced on the 1st day of each month, when the votes are reset. Make sure to vote when you can!
  3. Hey Michael, Thanks for the awesome update !! Ps: Keep up the good work 🙂 Best Regards, Luke.
  4. As promised, the long awaited update. Home Area In this update, the home area has been recreated. There are now 4 areas at home: -Home Bank -Shops -Misc NPCs -Train area Halloween Event Over: The Halloween Zone and Halloween raids have been removed. The limited time Halloween items are no longer obtainable, and they have become slightly worse in terms of stats. NEW THUNDER QUEST: There has been the addition of the new Thunder Quest. This quest can grant you Mjolnir, the weapon of Thor which has high mage stats and +25 Drop-rate boost. Combining 3 of this hammer together can grant you Stormbreaker, which has +30 Drop-rate boost and AOE abilities. To begin the quest, speak to the General of Thunder in the Misc building at the home area. You must follow the Quest and figure out who has stolen the hammer. Once you defeat the final boss and complete the quest, you will be awarded Mjolnir and can try to complete it again to earn a total of 3 and upgrade them to Stormbreaker. This quest will become more difficult depending on the number of times you've completed it. The NPCs you will need to talk to are: General of Thunder (shown above) Thunder Assistant in Lumbridge: Steve in Camelot: I will be posting a quest walkthrough later today. New Items: Mjolnir with +25 drop-rate boost, a strong magic spell (not AOE) Stormbreaker with +30 drop-rate boost, a very strong magic spell (AOE) and is new BIS item. It is available via quest or via ::donate for 120$. Changes To Starters: The penguins at the ::train area now grant 1B tickets per kill as well as dropping starter mystery boxes. There is a starter shop at the ::train area with low tier gear of each combat style, purchasable for 100B tickets per piece. Changes to Existing Items: The Among Us Hat double drop-rate percentage now works fine. Vials are now auto-smashed when empty. Changes regarding custom sets / weapons: From now on, there will be specific stats and drop-rate boosts set to custom sets and weapons purchased via donation. The custom sets and weapons will not always remain BIS. However, if you obtain an item with better stats or drop-rate than your custom item for that slot, you may trade it to me and set the stats to your item. Eg if you have a +28 custom weapon, and you obtain Stormbreaker, you can trade it to me and I will make your weapon +30. Other Changes: Gambling has been disabled until further notice. Fixed the problem where some items do not give the drop-rate they are supposed to. The issue where the client cuts off at the bottom for certain people has been fixed. Other minor changes and bugfixes. New Custom Weapons / Sets: @vm93 has donated for his own custom set! @King Jay has donated for his own custom set! @toastyboi has donated for his own toaster! I mean AOE weapon: Get your own custom gear today!
  5. hello i am savage breed: different i like to play runescape private servers for fun im 19, in the u.s airforce cant wait to see what this server has to hold
  6. Welcome aboard Jesse, I hope you're enjoying the server. Pm me ing if you need any help 🙂 Best Regards, Luke.
  7. hey everyone, im iron jesse and i pretty much started yesterday. right now im pretty much just trying to get as many gear upgrades as possible haha.
  8. Hey all, I played RXV prior to the reset, just getting back into it. My most recent grind has been trying to get a 1 hit k0 ring, as you can probably imagine, it has been going slow 🙂 Can't wait to see y'all in game!
  9. Hey guys, I'd like to introduce myself, well here I go. So my name is Lucas, I'm 24 years old. I'm originally from Brazil, but I was raised in the U.S (that's why I speak English) I've been playing RSPS since early 2010s and I believe I'm a humble Rsps player. Add me In game if you'd like to know me better. Best Regards, Luke.
  10. Polo

    Pickle Mich

    I turned myself into a pickle. I am now Pickle Mich.
  11. In this update, there is the addition of a new VIP rank (500$ total donated), the Owner Cape and it's Owner Zone. VIP RANK The VIP rank will have all the benefits of the Exclusive rank, plus the following: +80 drop-rate boost Access to the VIP zone (::vzone) Permanent 10% chance for double drops (can be increased if using items that increase dd chance) Customizable Yell Tags +25 extra points in Pest Control 10% higher chance for loot in all Raids. New Zone: Marvel zone (Monsters Teleport) The Marvel Zone consists of the following NPCS - Dr Strange (Lv. 50) Captain America (Lv. 75) Black Panther (Lv. 100) Iron Man (Lv. 200) These NPCs all drop their respectful armour, and marvel boxes. The stats of the armor are based on the level of the NPCs Dr Strange only drops Marvel Boxes His drop-rate is 1/400. Captain America drops his shield which has +10 drop-rate boost. His drop-rate is 1/500. Black Panther drops his mask which has +10 drop-rate boost. His drop-rate is 1/600. Iron Man Drops his whole set. The helmet has +20 drop-rate boost, and the armor pieces each have +6 drop-rate boost. His drop-rate is 1/2000. This zone is somewhat good for beginners after earning some better gear from train and mewtwo. Changes to Items: The Owner Cape has been added. This cape grants +50 drop-rate, and 1-hit kills on all NPCs except some, using any combat style (mage, range, melee). The Owner Cape has drop collecting abilities, and it also grants players access to a unique owner zone (::ozone) which has aggressive NPCs that attack you and drop the following at 1/800: Exclusive Chests 1$ Scrolls 10$ Scrolls Mega Mystery Boxes 5000B tickets Halloween Pumpkins (temporary) The owner cape is available from the ::donate store for 400$, and is untradeable. The following items have become untradeable: Ultimate Ring Melee K0 Ring Other Changes: All NPCs 1B ticket drops have been doubled. Players will not have any more issues donating The Following players have donated for their own custom weapons / sets: @Exi Get your own custom gear today! @Braydan has been promoted to Community Manager! Oh and also I turned myself into a pickle. I'm a pickle Morty, I'm pickle RIIIIIICK!
  12. 'ELLO, my ING. is HELLSTEEL and my IRL name is Matias and i am 23 years old. I'm from Finland, and i live with my GF and with 10 months old son. As he needs lot of attention i can't be as much online as i wish. From military training i am military police. I have been playing private servers several years and seen many rise and falls. i don't really know what else to put here, since i am not good of telling stuff of myself unless asked directly specific question. I wish good luck and easy drops for yall. see ya ingame.
  13. In-Game Name: Exi Full Name: Tyler Lowery Age: 25 Nationality: American Timezone: EDT Proficiency in the English Language: Only Language Date You Joined ReignersXV (Approximate if unsure): somwhere around the end of september Average Hours Online Daily: 7-10 Why You Are Applying For A Staff Position: I Get along with everyone, I enjoying helping people, im up to date with content and server knowledge. Previous Expertise As Staff (With Evidence): played rsps' since 2008, have been server support, moderator, admin, hidden admin(back when that was a thing), and co-owner, above is an old server that shut down i played where i was server support. Have You Had Any Previous Punishments/Infractions on ReignersXV: none at all What Do You Think The Responsibilities Of A Staff Member Are? Be kind and helpful to all players, be welcoming to new players as you set the tone for the server when they first join the world of RXV, make sure all players are following rules, if any problems arise try your best to find a solution and ask other staff for help if available, and all around be a positive member of the community. If You Are Accepted As A Staff Member, Would You Consider Yourself More "Powerful" Than Other Members of ReignersXV: not at all In A Short Paragraph, Describe How You Would Use Your Position: if promoted to a staff position i would use it like i always have, being a source of knowledge and a friendly familiar face to the players. The powers given to me would be used only in a helpful, non aggressive form and also used within boundaries and only when truly needed. as former law enforcement i understand rights and wrongs of power and will never use a position of authority/power to make a hostile environment, only to make the environment more enjoyable and peaceful.
  14. so good update ❤️
  15. Halloween Update Part 2! To spice up Halloween even more, we have decided to add a Halloween Raid! This raid, unlike the Among Us raid will only have 2 stages. In the first stage, players will have to kill a number of Halloween bosses (Pennywise, Freddy, Jason). After killing them, Evil Jack will spawn. Evil Jack is very hard to defeat solo, so it is recommended players join this raid in groups. The rewards for this raid are 1 guaranteed Halloween Pumpkin every successful raid, but there is also a 1/500 chance to get the new Spinal Head off-hand, and a 1/750 chance to get the new AOE Pumpkin Staff! Players will have to pay a 200 Halloween sweet entry fee to join the raid, it is recommended to find a group of members to complete the raid with before you begin it. You can now join it via the 'Other' section in teleports. Halloween Items: The new Pumpkin Staff has +28 dr boost and can only be obtained via the Halloween Raids or the donation store for 80$. The new Spinal Head has +28 dr boost and can only be obtained via the Halloween Raids or as a Legendary loot from Halloween Pumpkins. Updated Stats for existing Halloween items. Other Changes: The new web-store is now functional! Try it out! The model of Thanos has been changed. The models for the Among Us NPCs have been updated. They will have new custom attack and block animations. Players can now type ::shops and ::donate without it converting to an emoji. There has been the addition of 3 new custom gear sets and 2 new custom AOE weapons for donators! @vkingz @family Deadlyhorror @vm93 @NIce gary Big thanks to Dimension for help with these models! Get your own custom set today!
  16. In-Game Name: Reaper Full Name: brandon patterson Age:25 Nationality: Caucasian Timezone: est Proficiency in the English Language: Date You Joined ReignersXV (Approximate if unsure): mid october Average Hours Online Daily:4-5 Why You Are Applying For A Staff Position: because i really enjoy the server and community and would love to be apart of the team Previous Expertise As Staff (With Evidence): i was moderator on rebelionx when it was live gameruk and encrypt can be my proof Have You Had Any Previous Punishments/Infractions on ReignersXV: no What Do You Think The Responsibilities Of A Staff Member Are? to help out with all players and other staff being active and commuincating with player base and organzing fun for new players and old. on top of making sure no one is being abused or treated wrong. If You Are Accepted As A Staff Member, Would You Consider Yourself More "Powerful" Than Other Members of ReignersXV: never. In A Short Paragraph, Describe How You Would Use Your Position: i would use my position to help everyone learn and enjoy playing the server to make a great server big.
  17. Hey everyone, My IRL name is Jeremy, I'm 24 years old and I'm a veteran of the U.S ARMY. I live in NC but I'm from New Jersey originally. I spend most of my time working and hanging with my two year old son, He gives me life and on my spare time I play on the PC. I've been playing rsps and runescape since 2005. I'm a laid back chill dude who just likes to vibe and stay away from drama. I'm a day trader during the mornings and I'm a security analyst for the military in the evening. Life is good, I'm blessed every day and I'm looking forward to meeting some good people on here. So far I haven't been disappointed. If anyone wants to know more just hit me up on discord or in game, I'm a very approachable guy. Also, I don't really speak politics so that's my one no go lol. Hope you all have a great time here at ReignersXv.
  18. Im loving it man ! Looks great from here, cant wait for update to be completed. Thanks for the time and effort you put in Micheal
  19. Happy Halloween! ReignersXV has brought Halloween early to you! In this update, we have changed lots around the server to make everyone enjoy the Halloween vibe! Halloween Additions: World changes - The sky color has been changed to purple, and the theme of the home map has changed to suit Halloween. Halloween Zone - There has been the addition of the Halloween zone in the monster teleports section. This zone has the following NPCs and drops: Jack O Lantern - 3 Halloween Sweets per kill, with 1/30 chance to give 10 sweets. Also drops Halloween Pumpkins at 1/300 Pennywise - 1 Halloween Sweet per kill, also drops Pennywise Mask and Red Balloon at 1/2000 Jason - 1 Halloween Sweet per kill, also drops Jason Mask at 1/2000 Freddy Kruger - 1 Halloween Sweet per kill, also drops Freddy's Claw at 1/2000 Halloween Sweets Shop - Use Halloween Sweets earned from the Halloween zone in the Halloween shop, also located in the same zone. The shop will sell a range of items, including openable Halloween Pumpkins that offer you some sweet loot, Halloween masks and more! New Halloween Items: Pennywise Mask - +25 drop-rate boost Jason Mask - +22 drop-rate boost Freddy's Claw ( 1 Handed) - +25 drop-rate boost Red Balloon (cape) +15 drop-rate boost Chucky Doll (offhand) +25 drop-rate boost Pumpkin Head - +22 drop-rate boost Red, Blue and Green Halloween masks with +8 drop-rate boost, which can then be upgraded to a Black Halloween mask with +21 drop-rate boost. Halloween Pumpkins - Openable items purchasable from the Halloween store, which award all the Halloween items and more! Other changes to the server: MAJOR DROP-RATE BOOST NERF All drop-rate boost on items in the server has been decreased by at least 25%. There are no exceptions to this, and some items have been decreased by even more. Reconfiguration of item and NPC stats: The stats for items and NPCs have been redone so that players with very low tier gear will face more difficulty killing high tier NPCs. Upgrade system should now be working perfectly fine, with a description.
  20. IGN: Iron Striker, been playing all kinds of rsps's for a while now, been staff on a few aswell. Never play regular mode accounts either, only ironman all the way, hope we can all chill & grind together in the upcommin days 🙂
  21. Hi im rob im 24 im from the uk and i like playing rsps have done for years play it in the background of playing osrs 🙂 see u all soon
  22. hey my name is reaper most people that play rsps have played with me before or know me in some way from being mods/supports on servers and just a great friend been playing rsps for almost 10 years now loving the server alot hope more people join and feel the same
  23. Hello I am Thekid I am 30 years old, I am from Texas and been playing RS3 since I was about 17 years old. Now I only play RSPS due to RS3 and OSRS being to time consuming if you would like to know more about me just ask. Thekid
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