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  1. Alexa

    Price Guide

    COMMON ITEMS Apollo Gear - 20b a piece Gold Apollo Gear - 30b a piece Purgatory Gear - 30b a piece Sky Torva Gear - 50b a piece Darth Maul Gear - 60b A Piece UNCOMMON ITEMS Cash Torva Gear - 100b A Piece Silver Torva Gear - 100b A Piece Fire Draconian - 150b A Piece Drygore Gear - 200b a Piece RARE ITEMS Winter Camo Gear - 200b per piece Ice Draconian Gear - 250b per piece Toxic Draconian Gear - 300b per piece Camouflage Torva Gear - 200b per piece Fluorescent Torva Gear - 250b per piece VERY RARE ITEMS Red/Blue/Green Devil Gear - 400b per piece Mega Mystery Box - 750b each Devil Glaives Red/Blue/Green - 1T Each Devil Offhand Glaives Red/Blue/Green - 1T Each Bloodshot Camo Gear - 1T per piece Gravity Hammer - 2T Unholy Fiend Gear - 3T per piece LEGENDARY ITEMS Money Cape - 4T Venomous Gear - 4T per piece Divine Gear – 5T Evil Hawk Gear - 4T per piece Ring of Riches - 5T Each Iced Satanic Gear - 5T per piece Iced Satanic Staff - 6T per piece Sirenic Gear - 6T per piece Sirenic Crossbow - 6.5T per piece MASTER ITEMS Ichigo’s Katana - 7.5T Golden Devil Piece - 8.75T per piece Atlas Armour/Weapons - 10T a piece Lava Staff - 10T 10 Donator Tickets - 10T Drop Rate Amulet +30 - 10T Assassins Shield +15 (dr) - 12.5T Lava Necklace +50- 20T ELITE ITEMS Exile Armour - 20T a Piece Exile Sword - 25T Normal Donator Rank - 25T Normal Partyhats - 25T Spirit Shields (Mystical/Deathly/Lime/Green/Purple/Pink) - 25T each Drop Rate Amulet +75 - 35T Golden Devil Set - 35T Camo Partyhat - 40T Gold Partyhat 40T Scythe of Shadows - 45T Lava Partyhat - 50T Deluxe Donator Rank - 50T Staff of Gods - 75T Sponsor Rank - 250T
  2. Discord Name:Alexa In-game Name:Alexa Name:Alexa Age:21 Timezone:GMT Tell us something about yourself: I am a genuine, friendly and positive person who is always up for anything. I have much knowledge in RSPS. Why would you like to join the Staff team?: I would like to join the Staff Team because I believe I could add something to the server that's original and new. I'd like to say that I'm a very kind and giving person and will help anyone with their needs if they need it. I do like helping other people with their needs. I would do everything in my power to make sure that the players needs are fulfilled and their problem solved. I believe I could bring a lot of positivity into the server. Whyshould you be selected for the staff team?: I think I should be selected to be apart of the team as I have quite a bit of experience with being a staff member on a private server. I have previously been a Helper which includes having the power to accept ::ticket when a player requires help. This is where I have helped many players find what their looking for and help them with their needs. From there I got promoted to become a Moderator which I was for quite some time. Here I had the power to deal with certain players that break the server rules and sort them out in the correct way to keep the community of the server positive and going in the right direction. I have played many many private servers for years and have a lot of knowledge in how it should be. I believe I could introduce many ideas to the server to make this a fun, enjoyable RSPS. What makes you difference than the others?: I believe I am different to the others as I have a very positive outlook on how I look and deal with things. I already know how to deal with the role of being a Staff Member as I mentioned above. I can bring many different, original ideas to the server that can make this server grow to the best of its ability. I'm a calm person who is very easy to talk to and to get along with. I'm always active in game and Discord too. So if players need help I'm free on Discord and in game at the same time for long periods of time. How many hours per week could you dedicate to ReignersXV: I can dedicate over 6/7 hours a day for the server and more. Have you ever been punished in-game before?: I have not been punished in-game. If yes, what for?: N/A Now some questions for us to gather information on your previous experience, and how you decide on what actions to take when somebody is rule breaking. 1. What do you do, when somebody is spamming the help chat? Give them a warning, and help them resolve the issue. If they continue to spam the help chat that will result in a temporary mute. If they go even further, a harsher punishment will be decided by the staff team. 2. How do you react when a member of the community is bad-mouthing another staff member? Ask them what the problem is they have with them. I will politely ask them to stop bad mouthing and if they continue, that will result in a harsher punishment. 3. What is your course of action when a staff member is harassing a community member? I will try and fix the problem quickly as this could become a much bigger situation if the particular staff member abuse their power. 4. When a member is using a loophole of the rules set forth, what do you do? I would pull them aside, give them a warning and explain the rules to them. I will let the owner/staff know so the rules can be corrected if needed. 5. What do you do, if a player is reported to have been 'bug abusing'? Discover what is being abused write it down to tell the staff so the problem can be fixed. If this behaviour is carried on the player maybe be temporarily banned. 6. What do you do if a player is reported to have been 'duping' items. If a player has been duping an item I would jail them and get the duped items off the player so that the problem at hand can be fixed and the player perm banned from the server.
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