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  1. Discord Name:Potts94 In-game Name:Potts56 Name:josh Age:25 Timezone:GMT Tell us something about yourself: im 25 years old and live in England, a very down to earth happy go lucky kinda guy. I enjoy going to the gym in my spare time. Why would you like to join the Staff team?: to benefit the server and others to make sure that the rules are adhered too and ensure a happy community. Why should you be selected for the staff team?: I have a broad outlook on life and believe that I can genuinely benefit the community. Im always striving for the best and looking on ways to progress and better situations. What could you offer the staff team?: commitment. dedication. knowledge and resoning How many hours per week could you dedicate to ReignersXV: how longs a piece of string? I currently play around 8 hours a day+ along as nothing else comes up. Have you ever been punished in ReignersXV before?: no I have not If yes, what for?: n/a Now some questions for us to gather information on your previous experience, and how you decide on what actions to take when somebody is rule breaking. 1. What do you do, when somebody is spamming the help chat? politely say to said person that "help chat" is for help only and to refrain from carrying on 2. How do you react when a member of the community is bad-mouthing another staff member? inform them that everybody in game deserves to be treated with respect be it players or staff, but also listen to the reason for the bad mouthing as nobody is perfect and even staff can do things wrong! were still human. 3. What is your course of action when a staff member is harassing a community member? I would talk to the thee staff member in private informing them that they are not above the rules take a screenshot of said abuse and pass it on to a higher power to consider what to do next. 4. When a member is using a loophole of the rules set forth, what do you do? I would inform the player that though they have found some sort of loop hole that they should still know the difference between right and wrong and give them a warning not to use such loophole again. and pass on this information so the rule can be amended to avoid "confusion" in the future. 5. What do you do, if a player is reported to have been 'bug abusing'? this is a matter of he said she said, I would try to teleport to the player and keep an eye on them for a while without being noticed to see if they can be caught in the act. if not quietly pull them aside and ask what they have been doing and inform them that bug abuse is a serious infringement and warn them not to carry on else further action would be taken. 6. What do you do if a player is reported to have been 'duping' items. I would teleport the player straight to jail so none of the items can get into the economy. I would then if such feature exists use a command to check the players inventory and bank and ask them how they acquired so many of such item, to find out how the dupe occurred so that the problem can be rectified if I am not given a honest answer I would ban until further notice.
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