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  1. Also if I get the opportunity to get a support spot then have that added too
  2. Was seeing if I could get the sponsor forum rank
  3. I apologize for this looking like a mess, i've tried editing font's, text sizes, spacing , etc and couldn't get it to look decent and i was in a bit of a time crunch. I feel confident saying i would have some people vouch for me being this position. Discord Name: imdylan In-game Name: Dylan Name: Dylan Age: 19 Timezone: PST Tell us something about yourself: I've been playing private servers for around 5-6 years now. very knowledgeable about most things runescape. Why would you like to join the Staff team?: i enjoy helping players, and meeting new people to bs with but most importantly I want this server to succeed so keeping players from necking eachother is also important. Why should you be selected for the staff team?: Im easy to get along with, and im willing to go out of my way to help people What could you offer the staff team?: an extra person to keep the community in line while the higher ups are working on the important things, ive been various staff rolls on various servers over the years What makes you difference than the others?: im on every day, extended periods of time. i message everyone back, i always am checking discord and chatting in there. How many hours per week could you dedicate to ReignersXV: ive recently played like 6 hours a day Have you ever been punished in-game before?: No. Now some questions for us to gather information on your previous experience, and how you decide on what actions to take when somebody is rule breaking. 1. What do you do, when somebody is spamming the help chat? Give a valid warning, try to resolve the issue. temp mute if they don't listen further punishment if needed and check with other staff members if they are present 2. How do you react when a member of the community is bad-mouthing another staff member? Ask them why its happening, politely ask them to stop and if they continue to be toxic then punishments will be issued 3. What is your course of action when a staff member is harassing a community member? Try to resolve the issue as fast as possible, could potentially be a bigger problem since staff have power 4. When a member is using a loophole of the rules set forth, what do you do? Explain the rules, revise and edit the rules if needed, warn them to stop 5. What do you do, if a player is reported to have been 'bug abusing'? Look into what they are abusing, take note on whats be abused to be fixed and punishment maybe temp ban 6. What do you do if a player is reported to have been 'duping' items. Jail them, contain the duped items, try to figure out the dupe, get it fixed. perm ban
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