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ReignersXV Update - 30/03/2020

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ReignersXV Update 30/03/2020



Added Assassin zone to "Other PVM" Section






Added a "Blacksmith" NPC at the home area. This NPC can currently build the Assassin shield, and will be able to build more items in the future!




Created a new custom client launcher. Now, there is no need to download new clients after an update. The launcher will always open the latest client.




The discord server has been updated greatly, make sure to join it: Discord




Money Cape has been added to the voting shop for 100 points. It gives you a droprate boost of 10%, but has no stats.




Assassin Shield has been added, with the following stats and a droprate boost of 10%


This shield can be obtained by collecting its parts from the "Assassin" zone, and then building it with the Blacksmith at home.



Added Ring of Riches with a droprate boost of 10% to the ReignersXV Point Shop and the Prestige Shop 





Added Mega Mystery Box to prestige shop.

Added Money cape to vote shop.

Added ring of riches to reignersxv point shop and prestige shop.




Added a ::help command, which will alert staff that you need help.


Staff Changes

Demoted @Braydan


You are no longer required to download a new client with updates. Download this Launcher and it will always open the most updated client.

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