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ReignersXV Update - 01/04/2020

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ReignersXV Update 01/04/2020



Changed Deluxe Donator Zone Location



Added a new staff-zone.




New Global Boss

In this update, there is the addition of a new Global Boss: Shrek.

Shrek will spawn once every 60 minutes.

When Shrek is spawned, this notification will be sent to all players:



 Do the ::shrek command. This will take you to Shrek's swamp.


Shrek has 1 million HP and can be attacked by multiple people. The top 5 damage dealers will receive rewards for killing Shrek.

The current rewards are: 

3X Mega Mystery Box

Money Cape

Ring of Riches

10 Donator Points Ticket


Note that you cannot teleport to the swamp while equipping any 1-hit-kill items, or while having them in your inventory. Also, donators will not be able to use the ::bank command at the swamp.





A new addition to the donator zones is the "Exclusive Points" system.

Each donator zone has an "Exclusive Shop" NPC, and killing the NPCs at the donator zone will award you with "Exclusive Points".

The shops currently have Mega Mystery boxes, Pet Mystery boxes, the ring of riches, and 3 new capes, which are the 3%, 5% and 10% cape.





Added a new kill tracker, which can be viewed by typing ::kc or using the player panel.



Added a new animation when a player receives a legendary item from a Mega Mystery box.


Only legendary drops will be announced globally, drops of lower rarity will be announced only for the player.





Added 3 new capes, available from the exclusive shop. They give 3%, 5%, and 10% droprate boost.




Staff Changes

Promoted Jerico to Discord Moderator.



You are no longer required to download a new client with updates. Download this Launcher and it will always open the most updated client.

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