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ReignersXV Update 17/04/2020

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ReignersXV Update 17/04/2020




The movement of Iced Satan NPCs to a larger area.

You can get to these via the "Monster Teleports" tab in the teleports interface.




The addition of the CERBERUS boss. It can be accessed via the "Boss Teleports" tab.


Note that this boss is aggressive and may be hard to kill.




Donators can now buy dicing bags from the exclusive shop at donator zones!




Thunder Gun, Lava Gun and Minigun have all been buffed.


There has been the addition of the following items:

Lava Staff, single-handed and dropped by Cerberus, with +3% drop-rate.




Lava Necklace with +10% drop-rate, dropped by Cerberus.







Hardcore players now have a 5% drop-rate bonus and are unable to trade.


Shrek now has 5 Million HP instead of 1 Million.


Added a "Chill Zone" to "Useful Teleports" tab. 


The custom gambling interface has now been removed. The only forms of gambling are via mithril seeds bought from gambler, or donators can host dicing games using their dice bags.


There is now a referral system. New players can type ::referral (Name) so that whoever invited them is rewarded with a mega mystery box. Self-referrals are punishable.


The Teleports interface has been altered slightly.







You are no longer required to download a new client with updates. Download this Launcher and it will always open the most updated.

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