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ReignersXV Update - 20/04/2020

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ReignersXV Update 20/04/2020




Added Youtube Zone under "Useful Teleports" tab.



There, youtubers can find a special store and NPCs which give them "YouTube" points that can the be used on the store.


Added YouTube Torva Helm, Body and legs, each with +1% drop-rate boost.
Added YouTube Cape, with +8% drop-rate boost (currently best cape in-game).
Added YouTube Aura with +10% drop-rate boost, goes in shield slot.

Added YouTube chain, with +15% drop-rate






The location of the home area has been changed



Cerberus is now a multi-boss, and cannot be fought with the ultimate ring.


Flower Poker now works fine in the gambling area.


Added Trivia System - Every 10 minutes a question is asked.
Do ::answer (answer here). First place gets 100B





Added Melee, Mage and Range Combat Modifiers to donation store. These triple your damage and cost 15$ for each combat type.




Money Cape has been nerfed to +4%.
3% and 5% capes have been removed from the game.
6% cape has changed name and appearance, is now called donator cape and looks like this.




Sirenic Crossbow Now has 2% Drop-rate boost, Hawk Bow now has 3% Drop-rate boost.


Fixed appearance for atlas gear.






Decreased price of ultimate ring to 120$.

Decreased price of golden devil set to 50$.

Decreased price of sponsor rank to 75$.

Decreased price of April donation box to 45$.


Added Combat Modifiers for 15$ each.





You are no longer required to download a new client with updates. Download this Launcher and it will always open the most updated.

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