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ReignersXV Update - 22/04/2020

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ReignersXV Update 22/04/2020



Nex Boss

Added Nex Boss 

To fight Nex, use the teleport in the Teleports tab.
You will be unable to bank there, and are not allowed to use 1-hit kill items.

Dying here will drop your items


Climb over the landslide and pull the lever to start the fight against Nex.


Nex has 4 followers: Fumus, Umbra, Cruor and Glacies.
Nex will protect those 4 unless it is weakened.
The first stage of fighting Nex is attacking it until it is weakened and can no longer protect Fumus.
You must then kill Fumus to continue fighting Nex.

After you weaken Nex some more, you will have to fight Umbra next.

The process continues untill all 4 followers have died, and then you can finally kill Nex.

Nex is currently a solo boss, and you can not fight it with others.



Introduced the Classic Torva, Pernix and Virtus Sets







These three sets are obtainable from Nex, at a drop-rate of 1/150





Cerberus is now properly animated and has been moved to a new location.




Dungeoneering is now working fine.

Skilling should now work fine.


The Achievement tab now works fine.



Promoted @vm93 , @Kiing Raven and @crazyboy298 to server support!




You are no longer required to download a new client with updates. Download this Launcher and it will always open the most updated.

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