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ReignersXV Update - 2/05/2020

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ReignersXV Update 2/05/2020




There has been the addition of the Exiled Boss.

image.png   image.png

To fight this boss, use the boss teleports.
You can teleport to the public location or an instance of it if you wish to have it to yourself, at the cost of 250B.





There has been the addition of the Exiled Armour Set and the Sword of the Exiled


This is a melee armor set, and the sword has a +5% drop-rate bonus, aswell as being single-handed. This makes it the best single-handed melee weapon in-game.


These items are obtainable from the Exiled boss at a drop-rate of 1/800 for the armor and 1/1000 for the sword.





Added Well of Goodwill at home -

needs to be filled up with 10T to grant everyone online bonus 30% XP for 1 hour. Minimum donation is 100B.


Trivia now only gives 50B as a reward.


At the top of the player panel, there is now a "Server Timers" button.

Clicking on this will show you how long is left until Shrek spawns, and also
how long is remaining until the well of goodwill boost ends or if it still needs 
donations to start.

Shadow Corporeal Beast now gives points and 1b tickets upon death.

Many Skilling Fixes.


Altered the chances of many items from Mystery Key Chest




You are no longer required to download a new client with updates. Download this Launcher and it will always open the most updated.


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