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Braydan Forums Moderator Application.

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Discord Name: @Braydan#1396
Ingame Name:Braydan
Name:Braydan [Last name withheld for privacy reasons]
Age: 19
Timezone: Australia Gmt+10;00 \ Australia, Victoria state.
Tell us something about yourself:Hi, I'm 19, Braydan, I have the strongest desire to help others that you'll ever meet.
I'm 1000% A community based person, and my end-game goal is to get community manager so I can do my best to make sure the community always comes first.
Events, both discord and forums but for now.. I'll be a forums moderator and claw my way to the top.
Determenation, perserveriance, maturity, and the ability to adapt.

Why would you like to join the Forum Staff team?:
Im a Chameleon. Also I have probably.. One of the most Indept amounts of knowledge about this servers source\base since I've been co-owner on an exact copy. Moderator on the original copy.
I want to join the forums staff member to do my best to make the forums as tidy as possible, and it doesn't give me ingame responsibilities. So I can earn Micheals respect and trust through my ability to patrol his forums.
I am here to earn respect, trust, and keep people safe.

Why should you be selected for the Forum Staff team?:
All the reasons I've listed in the previous question, and.. My timezone makes me a reliability. Majority of people who play are american, so for other australians, new zealanders, islanders, etc. This timezone is a deadzone for staff members on servers. 9\10 time,
and keep people safe.
What could you offer the Forum staff team?:
Going to remove this question as for it is essentialy the previous question asked again.
How many hours per week could you dedicate to ReignersXV:the forums? Im on constantly, I'm on my phone constantly, which can be and will be logged into my fourms account so I'll always be reachable through the forums within a consistent time frame.
Have you ever been punished before?:
If yes, what for?:

The previous question is crossed out, due to the fact I have never been punished and intend to keep it that way.

1. What do you do, when somebody is spamming the chat box?
This is the simplist of the questions. Report to an administrator, after warning the member that spamming isn't allowed.
Proceeding will result to a blackmark on their account, three marks, is banishment of account.

2. What is your course of action when a staff member is harrassing a community member?
This question is more delicate as for the staff member can obviously see the staff chat in discord. So my course of action would be to consult an administrator+ and get them either warned from a higher staff for improper use of a staff ranked account. or punished as any player should. Warned, and muted if servere.
3. When a member is loopholeing the rules set forth, what do you do?

The culprit would be told of the loophole his found, what rule his breaking, and continuation to do so. Could end up in account banishment.
4. What do you do, if a player is banned ingame and on discord?
The staff chat would be alerted, and I'd wait further instructions. Let the account appeal his punishments via the forums.
Or ban their account and say bon-boy-age forever.

5. A player has reported a forums post what do you do?
The post in quesiton would be looked at, their reason for reporting would be looked at. If found guility of rule breaking.
Locked post, and deleted\move to a bin location. Out of eyes of non-staff ranked accounts.
or, as I said. Deleted.

- Thank you for reading this appliation - 

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