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Demo's Staff Application

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In-Game Name:


Full Name:

Jeremy Gray






Central Time Zone (GMT-6)

Proficiency in the English Language:

Very Fluent

Date You Joined ReignersXV (Approximate if unsure):

March 2020

Average Hours Online Daily:

8-9 Hours More on my off days

Why You Are Applying For A Staff Position:

I would like to do my part in helping our community to be more enjoyable and grow.

Previous Expertise As Staff (With Evidence):

I do have experience but no evidence as the servers are no longer operating.

Have You Had Any Previous Punishments/Infractions on ReignersXV:


What Do You Think The Responsibilities Of A Staff Member Are?

I believe that staff member are suppose to help players with knowledge of the server and make the server more enjoyable while also upholding the rules set forth by the owner.

If You Are Accepted As A Staff Member, Would You Consider Yourself More "Powerful" Than Other

Members of ReignersXV:

Power isn't in the rank power is in the knowledge. All the rank means is new players can trust you and you wont burn them. As a staff member it is a responsibility to the players to follow all of the rules, especially if you are trying to have the players follow them.

In A Short Paragraph, Describe How You Would Use Your Position:

Hey yall, I'm Jeremy, i think staff members should be the leaders of the community. If selected to be part of the few i would do my part and everything in my power to help any and everyone to make this server more enjoyable. anything from PVM support to the basic knowledge. I will help to keep the cheaters and rules breakers at bay and I will stand by the rules that have been stated by Micheal. I am a pretty chill dude but rules are rules and we have to follow them to keep order and don't have anarchy.

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